Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating 2 Amazing Years Together!!

Special thanks

Anyone who knows me knows that I live my life by a well thought-out series of ideas. I try to run my business in the same way. One of these ideas, both on the personal and professional level, is that I really believe in investing in people. Time and time again I have seen how each time that I have gone out on a limb and taken a chance with someone, usually in situations where it would have been easier to just say no, it has come back and helped me out in the long run.

But it's not some kind of a business strategy, I don't do in hopes that it will have a boomerang effect and come back to benefit me in some way. No, in my heart it's as simple as this: when I was starting out people invested in me. People answered my questions, took the time to explain, and were always encouraging. To this day I still have a set of more experienced photographers that are still investing in me in that way, and it only makes sense that I would fall right into place and do the same for those that are starting out and in need of a mentor.

I am happy to email, iChat, or have Skype hangouts with anyone wanting a little encouragement or guidance. I allow aspiring photographers to assist me during shoots, edit together, or brainstorm with me. Coffe in hand? Even better!

I've been thinking about all of this lately, and it's at a perfect time too! September marks the second anniversary of Adina Noel Photography, and I am super excited to see where these first years have taken me and where the next will continue to lead me! If someone had told me two years ago that I would be traveling internationally, spending a whole summer living solely off of my skill, and meeting some of the nicest most fun people along the way, I would have thought they were crazy!

So in the spirit of celebrating, in the spirit of thankfulness, and of investing in people... I want to take a moment and thank every person that took the time to invest in a quirky little photographer from Spain.

First and foremost, a big thanks goes out to Jake Preedin. He gave me my first big break by letting me be his second shooter at a wedding in Aberdeen, Scotland. Other than introducing me to the happy world of wedding photography (which I quickly fell in love with, and is now the focus of my business) he also taught me how much having an upbeat fun attitude towards everything can influence a photo shoot.

Second in line would be the one, the amazing, the super tall, Josh Newton! I can NOT think of his full name without my brain going ".com!" at the end, but I will always be thankful for the shooting opportunities, the hang outs, and for the excuse to visit sunny California. More importantly, Josh taught me what confidence looks like and how it affects your wedding day. Great lesson!

Every time I think "Josh" the next thing that pops into my mind is "Montana". Clearly, Josh doesn't live in Montana, but his best friend/former roommate is called Montana. He is also the master of everything creative. From him I learned to always exercise my creativity, to see light, shadow, and everything around me differently. Every time I take a pinhole shot, I remember Montana. Also every time I see an awesome beard. Just sayin'...

Richelle Dante, a.k.a. "The Baby Whisperer", thanks for an awesome visit, for teaching me to always smile through a shoot (especially when everything goes wrong), introducing me to the magic of The Magic Kindgom, and making sure I got the "Californian Food Experience". You also helped me to learn to value my time, my skill, and put a price on it. One of the hardest things to do in this industry! And I am still jealous of your lovely red chandelier!

Axier Martinez, was my instructor during a short photography course I took when starting out. This man deserves a medal for being able to get me to understand image resolution and for letting me test drive the 24-70 2.8 before making my decision to buy. "Eskerrik Asko!" ;)

Andrew Smith: helpful from day one, he has always been a good friend to me, has helped me get out of a mess or two, and I owe him big time. The importance of friendship and networking continues to show itself through this friendship. Andrew, there is a check in the mail for a "Gajillion Dollars" worth of consulting fees, I swear...

To Tyler Gould and Sid Ceaser, for the many many conversations it took to get me to understand and dare to start using Off Camera Flash. You guys are rockstars! :)

Charity Klicka, thank you for letting me be a mentor to you. For letting me give back, helping me grow and learn more about this crazy crazy thing that is the study of light. Also, my stomach thanks you for the lovely Mac'N'Cheese care package! :)

Tim King, Jason Kirby, and Ryan Lum: Thanks for taking me on some of the most intense, hilarious, and memorable 24 hours of my life. You guys inspire me to continue to live life to the fullest, take exceptional photos, and to never EVER let a "hiccup" get in the way of having a great time!

Cassie Jones: I can not tell you how blessed my life has been in the past couple of months, just to be able to count on you for prayer, encouragement, and a good laugh or two. You taught me to have faith in me. Priceless.

To my amazing Showiteers, for being a second family to me. For helping me out with the technical, the creative, and letting me vent from time to time. I am so glad to have "found" you, and can not wait to move to San Diego and start hanging out!

To my second shooters Ghill and Amber, for your hard work and dedication. I have loved rocking out weddings with you!

To my lovely assistants, Peio, Karis, and Anna. For helping me carry stuff around, being mobile light stands, and mostly for keeping me sane in every situation. You are worth your weight in gold!

To my models and clients: You guys are amazing! Seriously, I can not thank you enough for always allowing my creativity to go wild, trusting me with the results, and being an absolute pleasure to be around. You all make me look good.

Family and friends: You know who you are. God has blessed me with each and every single one of you. You inspire me, encourage me, let me use you as guinea pigs, and always keep me grounded. I love you guys!

And last but not least, I'd like to thank all the airlines for unknowingly letting me sneak all my exceedingly-over-the-carry-on-weight-limit gear on board! Got home safe and sound!

It might seem that I am thanking everyone, but seriously, it has been a team effort to get to this day. So YAY for us!! Can't wait to be celebrating a couple more years together! :D


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  1. this is awesome, thanks so much for posting Adina!! you're the =)