Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Findings::: Harry Potter!!


Earlier this week I found myself having to do a lot of editing one evening. Sometimes I just feel the need to be in complete silence, other times I actually need noise. I need music or a good movie to carry me through. I found my sister watching Harry Potter and decided to join her while I edit. I like Harry Potter. It's funny, and the special effects are usually interesting and unusual things. Different from the mental picture I had of things, that's for sure. It isn't the first time I have edited to Harry Potter. In fact, last summer I watched Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix while editing Julie&Ryan's wedding. Now, please don't ask me what happened in the movie because I got pr-etty into my editing and by the time I looked up the credits were rolling... I'm not even kidding.

Anyway, in honor of that, and of the Harry Potter movie marathon I've claimed for three years that I am going to have (to catch up on the last 3 movies) I decided to that what this week's Friday Findings needed was for me to bring a little Potter love!

And you know when there's a blockbuster out there, there's always a few people who take it a little too far.


And when there's a few people who take it too far, there's also another small amount of people who force other's to also take it too far!


Have yourselves a magical Friday! ;)

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