Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Findings::: The Importance Of Eyebrows!!


A couple weeks ago I dedicated my weekly Friday Findings post to fingernails. It's funny how such a small part of one's appearance can make such a statement at times. I was just now thinking about it and you know what's worse than bad nails? Bad eyebrows!!

C'mon, we've all seen it at some point. People who pluck too much, those who don't pluck at all, and by golly I will never understand those who pluck their eyebrows and then draw them on!! DRAW!! Like, I'm not trying to make anyone upset, but... everyone can tell that you drew those on. I always wonder what happens when they wash their face in the morning/night. They must look really surprised! Haha. Oh, and then you have those people that are so extreme that they tattoo their eyebrows on! Oooookay... I guess it saves them time in the long run. I made a google search for funny eyebrows, but I didn't feel comfortable just posting random people's faces on my blog, it seems so mean. So instead here's the Groucho Marx kitty-kat, this website, and I definitely couldn't blog eyebrows without mentioning the Grey's Anatomy's great "Mama took my eyebrows!"

Full clip here. (It doesn't count as mean if 20 million people see it and it was intended for humor.)

And what is a Friday Findings without a crazy video?! Not fun at all! I thought about naming it "Friday FUNdings" but that would have an entirely different meaning altogether.

More importantly, if you are to take anything from this post to heart, let it be this: when you're getting ready to go out tonight... pluck responsibly. Happy Friday!!

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