Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Findings::: Photographers Gone Wild!!


If there is something that us photographers are guilty of being addicted to, other than taking photos, is gear. We strive to have every lens, camera bag, and accessory imaginable to man. We dream of having an unlimited amount of money to spend at B&H and of the gorgeous results that we could get by using every possible angle and the proper use of all of those super fun new toys. And the danger of this is that we if ever did reach out dream, we would end up looking like this:


I had a hard time picking just a few photos for this post because there were simply too many photos to choose from. Fortunately I found this video to go along with this post. You can laugh or you can be embarrassed know you've put yourself and your camera in situations like these before. Whatever you do, may it all be in good fun.

Have a picture perfect friday!

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