Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun::: Euskal Encounter!


I had a plan. I was going to spend 4 hours there. I had visited a few times, but I'd actually never participated. I was hesitant when I walked through the doors, with my MacBook Pro safely in my backpack, comfy sweatshirt, and a bottle of water. "In and out" was what I muttered under my breath. I spent 3 days there.

A couple days earlier I got a call from my older brother, Nick. He had planned on going to the annual Euskal Encounter (basically a computer freak convention) and just found out that he wouldn't be able make it because of his work schedule. He hated the idea of wasting the whole ticket away, so he wanted to know if I would like to go hang out for a bit and take advantage of the crazy fast internet speed. "Since you are always clogging up our internet at home by uploading those HUGE photos of yours, I thought you could get them all up into your online galleries in minutes!" It sounded like a good idea, so I picked up a few things and was on my way.

A long story short, it took me roughly 1 hour to figure out how to get on the internet, 4 hours to get on the events download server, and about 30 seconds upload time for each 20MB image. I walked around with my camera in between spells of frustration and took pictures of the sights. Some of these people were worthy of being on The Big Bang Theory. (At the very least, most of them were admittedly fans of the show). I met a small group of Mac guys among a sea of PC-filled stations and they helped me out a so much! All in all I spent 3 days getting all kinds of work done, hanging out, writing up blogs, and learning a lot about computers. But the environment is what kills me. They don't sleep, they survive on energy drinks, pizza, and snacks. Their skin is subtly tinted by the light bouncing off from their gigantic display, as their eyes squint from focusing on whatever quest, mission, or layer they are currently working on. I could go on and on about these intriguing new "species" but I figure what better than a few photos
to give you an idea of what it's like...








In case there's a carpal tunnel emergency?




So nice to see Grey's Anatomy on a screen, instead of anime, youtube, sci-fi...



I'm going back next year, but I am bringing more supplies!! ;)

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  1. me encanta el contraste entre la foto de día y la de noche, dónde se ven todas las pantallas iluminadas XD