Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Findings::: An Apple A Day Helps Keep The Doctor Away!


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard by now that Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple inc, internationally acclaimed technology innovator, and otherwise creative genius, passed away earlier this week.

I have long been a fan of his work and his positive attitude, and I couldn't think of a better thing to post about this week than about the wonderful company he created, whose products I have quickly found myself (along with millions of other creatives out there) completely addicted to.

It's a special group of us, mac users. It's easy for us to get picked on for being different, but I like to think that we're like those kids that sit at the nerd table at the cafeteria, and then end up being everyone else's bosses 10 years down the line! Just give us some time. ;)

Anyway, from one nerd to the next... here's a little glimpse into the amazing subculture brought to us by a lovely company named after a common fruit.

ipod head



And what would Apple be without their commercials? This one is actually a spoof, but it really made me laugh.

Happy Friday!

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