Monday, November 21, 2011

Event::: EuskalGym 2011


I walked up the last of the steps in a hurry. My VIP pass was swinging back and forth and constantly beating against my chest, which in a competitive way counteracted by having my heart beat back. A million steps. When I finally made it to the top, I followed the crowd. I was excited. I walked around the building to meet a very long line. Arriving to one of the alternate entrances I innocently asked one of the guards where I had to enter. He took one quick look at my pass and said "VIP's can enter through their favorite door!" and made a gesture for me to walk in. I have to admit that it was a great feeling to bypass the giant crowd. Now I just had to find a good vantage point and get to work!

I was invited to shoot the EuskalGym, an international gymnastics exhibition. The previous days had gone by quickly through a series of phone calls, quick plan changes, and anticipation. I had even gone to the airport with David, Alejandro, and Urtzi, to shoot some video footage of some of the international gymnasts arriving in Bilbao. My first time shooting video for a professional event, or anything else for that matter. It was quite the creative stretch, but I think we got some good shooting in and am now impatiently waiting to see the results.

After doing some brief translations, and more last-minute plans, we were on our way. Everything was really fast paced, and everything was leading to this event. And I was there.

The 3 hour exhibition went by way too fast. Every move, choreography, and seemingly impossible stretch was remarkably impressive, and while I had a great time getting these shots, my mom (holding on to my extra VIP pass) had an even better time watching all the flips, the loops, and the dances.






Hard to believe that this is the same girl that I picked up from the airport the day before...





Experimenting with long exposures...






The most memorable part of the evening came when Almudena Cid, made a special performance. Almudena is now a retired spanish gymnast and is best known for being the only gymnast in history to ever compete in 4 Olympic Game finals. Her performance was a collaboration with "Protect" who help fight against children sexual exploitation in Cambodia. The performance made the crowd go wild.




Traslation: "@adinanoel: It's beautiful!! I love it! Even though it looks bad for me to say so myself..."
It is fair to say that her tweet about this photo made my day! :)


Special thanks to David at MotionThinks, videographer Alejandro Negeruela, and photographer Urtzi MardarĂ¡s, for making me a part of the team. I look forward to doing more projects together soon.

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