Friday, November 11, 2011

Maternity::: Ink baby!!


"The tattooed people" That's what we called them, the couple who own Clockwork Tattoo Studio just down my street. I spent many years just waving and smiling when I walked by. I even got to be their server a couple times through my fantastic time as a local waitress. Yet, I still called them "The Tattooed People". A couple weeks ago I went with one of my former co-workers into the shop. She was going to get inked and was freaking out about it.
I fail to see the point of accompanying someone to get a tattoo and then just sitting in the waiting room, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

(By the way, I sat in the coolest couch covered in zebra print. So cool.)

Anyway, so after going to the shop on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the same week, them sharing their wifi password, and several compliments on their zebra couch, we got a little conversation going. We talked about travel, about creativity, and shared many funny anecdotes that, of course, took place in international airports.
Finally I had an idea...

I've been wanting to expand my maternity portfolio. I'd been looking for a tattooed pregnant lovely lady to take a couple of fun shots with. As it turns out out, Esther happens to be pregnant. I shared my idea with them and they were totally on board with it. By my book that could really only mean one thing: "Let the fun begin!"





Thanks Esther&Dani for being such good sports.
(Oh, just fyi, I'm totally going to use your names now! ;)

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