Monday, December 19, 2011

"Photography Behind The Scenes"


Photography doesn't just happen, you have to make it happen. If you're a photographer you know how often someone takes one quick look at your camera and says "Wow, no wonder your pictures look great!" This week I guess I am rebelling against that thought. I am friends with many many photographers, and I have to admit that we are special creatures. When you would find most people enjoying themselves on a weekend night, chilling on their couch, or hanging out with friends... the photographer is often staying home catching up on some editing, or out shooting. Sometimes we even shoot just for practice. Why? Because the camera takes the picture, but the photographer has to create it first. So in honor of all of that hard work that is often overlooked, I just wanted to share a few behind the scenes photos from the past. Just to get it out of my system! ;)








Thanks to Peio, Montana, Chris, Josh, Anna, Lydia, Ghill, and Amber. For all the fun we've had rocking out behind the scenes! Even if we're all just a little bit misunderstood. ;)

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  1. WoW! love it!! so right, so true. So Adina