Monday, December 12, 2011

"Buy Me For 0.99 cents!!"

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I don't even know where to start. I am happily a member of an amazing community called The Showiteers. We are all united under having our websites being hosted by the amazing Showit, and there is a Facebook group that we are all super active on. We are always giving advice, sharing resources, and just making friends and building connections all over the world!

One of the Showiteers is Jim Davis-Hicks. He also started a wonderful little thing called Thirst Relief. Their mission is to provide clean drinking water to the thousands upon thousands of people around the world who don't have access to something as simple as that. Thousands of lives are changed for the better. Thousands of diseases prevented. And what does this cost? About $5 to save a life, to save a town.



So what does this have to do with anything?

Well, about 3 weeks ago one happy Showiteer (can't remember who) had the amazing idea to get all of us musicians to record Christmas songs for a CD to sell and give the profit to Thirst Relief and they then use it to bring more clean water to the desperately thirsty. As soon as I read it I was totally in to help out in whatever way possible. Soon enough, someone had the idea that we should have an original song in there. Someone else asked who in the Showiteers was a songwriter. I came home one day to people tagging my name in there. What-the-what?!

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I have never even thought about writing a Christmas song, but I couldn't give up without trying! To make everything more challenging, I was given about 5 days from writing, to recording, to everything being fully mixed and mastered! What-the-what: The Sequel!!

I partnered up with a lyricist and we wrote the lyrics 50-50% (dare to guess who tells Rudolph to go take a hike?) and with the help of my amazing music producer, James Morgan at Magicbox Musika, we managed to rock it out in the 5 days!

So now what?

Well, now you can happily go on iTunes and buy an album full of photographers singing!! Don't be stingy and just buy my song, buy the whole thing, because you're gonna spend more than $7 on coffee anyway, and it's for a good cause. And if you can't afford it... then at least buy my song for the 0.99 and help make a huge difference to a small town in the world. There's also a digital booklet full of fun facts abut the artists, hilarious Christmas photos, and more information on how Thirst Relief and you can work together to change the world!

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Check out our super fun official website!

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Click here to purchase on iTunes!

One more thing: I really want to point out that cranking out this project from idea to finish in just 3 weeks is SUCH an accomplishment and that I am so super happy of all of my Showiteers who helped pitch in on all of this!! It was an obstacle-ridden path but we finally made it! Mental high-fives everyone! :)

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