Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Findings::: Christmas = Mission Impossible!!

Christmas Tree

We got the tree out of the box, spread out the plastic branches, got the christmas decoration boxes out... and even managed to untangle the christmas lights. Set them carefully on the tree. Then was when we found out two of the three sets of lights were out. Of course, now I know to test the lights before putting them on the tree. Still, I couldn't help but feel slightly frustrated but mostly sorry for the sad little tree.

Sometimes getting ready for Christmas is super fun, especially as a kid, but as the years go by it seems to get increasingly difficult until you go home to the tangled-twinkly-light mess one day and suddenly you feel like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. While I wait until the shops open up for business again, I sit here cozy in a blanket enjoying seeing this little guy have an ever more challenging christmas than I am. Shame on me.

Happy Friday!! (BTW, you can buy that costume on amazon here)

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