Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Findings: Goodbye 2011!!


Well, the year is ending and it seems inevitable to look back and wonder what these past 12 months have contributed to each of our lives. I wish I could say that I had accomplished everything that I'd set out to do, or that I finally found the man of my dreams, but I can't. But where 2011 has fallen short, it has also exceeded many of my expectations. I am still sitting in disbelief that I am in the midst of recording some of my songs professionally. Even more in disbelief that one of my songs is for sale on iTunes. But most of all, this year that showed me who I can and who I can't count on. It's been a learning process, it's been painful, but as I am now a quarter of a century old... it's nice to see that I continue to learn and shape myself to be the woman who I hope my friends and family would be proud of.

Sorry, the new year always gets me in deep thought.

I want to end this by saying that I hope that this past year has treated you well. I hope you're happy, healthy, and well on your way to achieving your wildest dreams.

And to end this on the ridiculous note that Friday's seem to bring out of me... here's a little end of the year review I found, brought to you as only the guys at Jibjab could.

Happy Friday!! (and Happy New year too! ;)

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