Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Findings::: Let It Snow!!!


It snowed.
Typically when people think of Spain the mental image they get is quickly one of people with olive skin sun bathing at the beach, sitting on a terrace in the middle of a plaza drinking Sangria, or otherwise enjoying the sun and warm weather. Now let me break it down to you: it's a lie. And you know why? Because I live on the north coast, where the weather is probably more similar to what one might expect on any given day in London. And since as recently as 5 days ago I happened to actually be in London... yeah, don't debate me on this! ;)

On Wednesday a 5 year old boy told me it was going to snow on Thursday. I smiled and half laughed it off and made some comment about how the snow will only be on the mountains. As always. Then on Thursday I woke up to white flakes flying around everywhere. I couldn't believe it, and gave kudos to the boy for being right. In any case, as much as I hate cold weather I've always kind of given snow "an out" since it's so rare, fun, and pretty. So as you can see, I was obviously inspired to write about it this week, share the nerdiest picture of all time, and the most adorable snow video I've seen in my life... in honor of the snow!


Happy Friday!! (don't forget to bundle up!)

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