Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Music:::Blues'N'Breakers Promo Shoot


A lot of fun and a dash of attitude. That's what we were looking for when the Blues'N'Breakers and I met up to do a promo shoot for their upcoming album. A local blues band made up of two brothers and a good friend, I was invited to shoot one of their shows a couple months ago. They had a great sound and shooting them live was really a great experience, so needless to say we had all been planning on working again together ever since. When the glorious day finally came, we were welcomed by weather that threatened to crash on us during the shoot, but it managed to hold out and I decided to use the dark clouds to help add to the drama. After a couple location and wardrobe changes and way too many laughs, we called it a day and immediately started talking brainstorming about our next project together.









Watch out. You're gonna be seeing a lot more of these guys. You've been warned.

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