Monday, October 1, 2012

The Davidsons::: Family


The Davidsons. What can I say about these lovely people? Ah, yes. I remember that for the longest time I thought of them as the "Gepford-Davidsons" simply because I have only recently met Jeff, but Katie and I go way back. Yes, when we met I was 13,  you may or may not know this about me but attitude-wise 13 was definitely not my prime time. Back in those days Katie was the Summer's Best Two Weeks camp leader at our Fairfax church, and as she would soon find out I was that teen that was forced to go to church camp so mom could peacefully stay at home with the baby. So many stories could be told about how awful I was during my self-confessed "Summer's WORST Two Weeks"but it would hardly seem appropriate. Let's just say that time does bring healing and that one way or another Katie and I have actually become friends through the years. 

In fact, 2 years ago when she first became a mommy I was happy to take Jacob's pictures.

This time around she and Jeff had just proudly welcomed Elaine "Ellie" Joan into their lives. Of course I went ahead and took a couple pictures of her adorable cuteness while the rest of the family got ready. What a natural, she even flashed a couple smiles! Then we all went out to take a walk around the neighbourhood. At one point they were all sitting on the ground for family portraits and Jacob kept escaping his mom's lap so he could come look at the pictures on the back of the camera. It took a couple creative games to get him to sit down and smile, but he was such a good sport the whole time. Jacob calling out "Nina!! Nina!!" to get my attention was just too much for my little heart to handle as our time together came to an end. 
Obviously, this family shoot will have to be one of many! :)

















Katie & Jeff, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a great time in your lives. You make such a beautiful family. Thanks for your friendship and for being there for me during this crazy summer. I'm not too professional to say that I will be unprofessional and say just how much I love you guys.

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